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Bassist, Composer, positive force
album "NOW" out on all online platforms.
"nothing less than a small gem." Philippe de Cleen,

The new Boris Schmidt Band CD "HERE" was slated for a March 2024 release. Unfortunately the hard drive containing the music was lost in a fire before we could mix it. Therefor we will record it anew in September and release it with a one year delay... We'll get there eventually.

The March 2024 concerts are maintained.

If you wish to help out, any and all contributions to our crowdfunding are welcome. This will hopefully pay for catering, travel expenses and the videographer for our studio session in September 2024.


Some have reported the Donate button to be broken. If you get a error message, please try entering my name in the search bar to find the project. This seems to solve the issue.

Or maybe try this link: straight to the donation page

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“Pour « Now », il a écrit 13 compositions originales qui illustrent bien son talent de mélodiste : des compositions qui « chantent » avec de beaux solos de contrebasse [...] Boris Schmidt a su tirer le meilleur profit possible de cette formation à géométrie variable. “ Claude Loxhay , Jazzaround Magazine

"How Boris Schmidt on double bass played with his whole body, lovingly dancing with his instrument, duelling the at times piercing but superbly played clarinet[...]"
Hedy Mühleck, 19 April 2015

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